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2015: what are the changes SEO?

At year end, it is customary to draw conclusions on the period that is coming to an end and the world of search engines can not be spared from some consideration. 2014 in the SEO world has decreed the full success of social media as tools essential to have a good online visibility; There have been so many and continuous updates Google and Google began not only to create innovative app but also to index the app with App indexing ... but what should be expected from 2015 coming?

The cabinet will be the master, 2015 is the year in which it is estimated that the mobile traffic exceeds that of desktop and will be unthinkable not to have a website optimized for viewing on smart phones and tablets. And above all it will be necessary to design strategies SEO specifically for research on new devices.

Social media will continue their rise and will become increasingly important for online marketing and positioning of a site, we saw earlier that the search algorithms already consider social media a tool seo.

The algorithms of google will continue to be updated with the goal of getting better interpret user searches and make their results more and more real-like. That's why more and more importance will be given to the contents of the site to be treated, accurate and current.

The old technique of filling pages with keywords will be completely abandoned to make room for texts thought, reasoned and written with relevance. Content that should never be neglected but continually updated and monitored.

The analysis tools online like Google analytics, webmaster tools, and all the other tools seo free and paid, will have a central role to create and develop SEO strategies targeted and personalized.

Faced with this increasing complexity, specialization and competitiveness of the sector search engines will be unthinkable not to start even a small business SEO on your site.

Indexing and web-marketing are constantly evolving and have no intention to step aside, at least in 2015.

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