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SEO is still a mystery to many Italian companies that face today on the web, not the way they perceive the importance and value.

Most small businesses think it is enough to have a website to increase its visibility and therefore its revenue but the reality is quite different: to increase business is essential to build a strong web presence through the use of effective business positioning on search engines.

But why is it so important to SEO?

Many companies do not know that most of the users searches on the internet before buying products or services and l '80-90% of visits to a website comes right from the search engines, especially Google.

So, when a buyer is looking for something inherent in the industry you work ins, your site should receive traffic ... and if this does not happen?

Here comes the SEO: the major search engines are constantly changing, the algorithms are constantly changing to improve the user experience and if your website is not updated, based on the new "rules" over time risks losing visibility and incurring even in severe penalties.

If a company is not located on the front page on the SERP for keywords related to your target market, online visibility decreases exponentially and the ability to reach new customers become practically nothing.

To get high rankings so it is essential to rely on a SEO expert can optimize the site constantly through strategic and operational activities aimed at initiating a process of continuous improvement in the medium to long term.

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