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What is web marketing or Internet Marketing?

The definition of Web Marketing, Internet marketing

We all knew that Marketing is a tool to sell any product or services.

Online marketing also use this definition but it is perform on internet buy helping websites, ads, groups, chat, links.

The Web Marketing would be the branch of marketing that analyzes and implements a marketing strategy through networking and Internet tools. The e-marketing is not limited to the Internet, but also regarding future information highways such as mobile phones, interactive TV ... It must implement the existing marketing databases to adapt to new media and Web services. The issues are firstly, to meet the needs and expectations of Internet users, and secondly, to meet the objectives of a company (corporate image, product sales, audience).

The challenge for a company is to have skills e-marketing  to define a strategy, concepts, to set up a website and make it evolve. This is in order to implement this vision that is often associated internet marketing is managing internet project.

Today the techniques of the Web help answer these points through advice, services or tools.

The key points

Before the creation or development of a site, Be Sure that What is the Fact of E Marketing.

Fact E-marketing ?

1- The establishment of an e-marketing strategy

The development of the activity of a website requires to establish a solid strategy, as we have done with traditional marketing. Analyze your competitor, what is your website position on internet, take help from the online business intelligence.

2. Generate Traffic

In order to live an internet business, it is necessary that website traffic is important and qualified. The main drivers of e-marketing are:

online advertising
Viral Marketing
sharing content on social networks

3- Loyalty with Web-marketing

Like any trade and service provider, a website can not be satisfied that a buyer does not come only once on the site. We must therefore make it back, loyalty. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a true customer interaction and push it back through:

the constant renewal of the content of the website (item on sale, blog posts etc.)
emailing (avoid emailing mass and untargeted)
the creation of a true community on social media networks

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